About Us

Betti Allen

     Betti has a proven reputation for discovering and providing quality products for both personal and home enjoyment. Betti has a very rich and varied background, in the legal profession as a paralegal, to private investigator, a real estate broker in the early 80's, to sourcing brand-name children’s clothing in the early 90's.  The timeline of entrepreneurial savvy continued with the formation of LightHouse Furnishings in 1997 in Grand Rapids, MI. Having an eye for breathtaking original antique/vintage furniture, as well as high quality items for personal attire and unique home furnishings lead to an even greater endeavor...Always, Betti.  

     Always, Betti is the culmination of over 3 decades of customer service and a skilled eye for affordable, unique and quality items.

     From furs to engagement rings, brooches to necklaces, Betti is sure to find you something you would love.

     Stop by to meet Betti during normal business hours.


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